Welcome to the Informed Flutist

Preparations have begun for the very first ever Informed Flutist masterclass this summer. Along with co-faculty Leela Breithaupt and Sergio Pallotelli, I will be looking forward to welcoming 15 to 20 accomplished flutists to my “home” at the University of Houston and Texas Music Festival this June.

I’ll be stealing a few days away fromcrosslegged the Houston Symphony, which maintains a busy concert schedule in summer as well as during the regular season, to focus on some of my favorite repertoire, to share some tips, tricks and stories from my own experiences as well as to learn some new things from my colleagues and from the participants!

In this laboratory-setting, I hope to quantify some of the elements which go into playing successful orchestra auditions.One thing I know, already, though–it all comes back to making music. We know “music making” when we hear it, but how does one get there?

Over the years as a principal flutist with the Houston Symphony, I have had the opportunity to participate in the hiring and development of many of my colleagues–flutists, oboists, clarinetists and bassoonists–by serving on audition committees. One thing I’ve always wanted to share with students is the PERSPECTIVE of listening as a committee member–and that is exactly what we have planned for our class this summer.

This mock-audition feature will give participants a little extra audition experience, but I also hope it will help crystalize some of the unique challenges of presenting one’s music making in an audition setting.

–Aralee Dorough

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