Announcing IF2019

Dear Flutists,

As an avid summer music class participant over the years,

(among the most noteworthy: Julius Baker/Brewster New York AND Hidden Valley,  Ca., “The Flute Farm” with Harvey Sollberger–a whole week of contemporary flute solo literature and extended technique, Bob Willoughby,  New Hampshire.)

I relish the chance  to immerse in a topic with other interested musicians and to spend focused time listening to music and trying out new ideas.

Now as a teacher, I seek to share all the influences and experiences as a performer in orchestra and chamber music, in the same  kind of intensive environment.

“20 Essential Skills” is  a  concept I am creating  which seeks to break down some of the elements of musicality into measurable, improvable components — to an absurd degree!

Skills like…play a high E beautiful and in tune  in ANY dynamic — or vibrate 16th notes at quarter note equals 100!

In addition, I am currently captivated by the idea of Flute Circle  — working on skills, repertoire, “in the round”  In fact, I’ll be adding a few trick–meta-ensemble skills  I learned from master ROCK MUSICIANS at my most recent music camp experiences.

I’m avidly interested in health and fitness, especially where it can directly benefit my performing life, and these topics, too, I will put into the mix this summer.

I mean – once I hear that sitting can be as bad for our health as smoking!–I can’t very well have people sitting around passively at my class,  can I?

…so… be prepared to play, breathe, clap, stand and MOVE as we explore ways to test and refine various skills and develop good physiological habits for playing.” 

I hope you will be able to join us this summer!



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